About Us

Lovinah Supernatural Skincare is a true celebration of sacred beauty and healing herbal tradition of Africa. Our Supernatural Skincare is inspired by ancient African beauty secrets and centuries old traditional African botanical remedies used to treat skin problems with a twist of Western fusion. We make our products in small batches with herbs, fruits and flowers used several centuries ago in Africa for both skincare and medicinal purposes. Ancient African healers used botanicals and herbs from tropical forest to create powerful remedies to detoxify andjoy-ekhator protect the skin from premature aging.  
LOVINAH Supernatural Skincare is a range of plant-powered highly concentrated products designed to look after and address hormonal challenges to the skin. Our unique skincare is powered by ancient African beauty remedies and rituals perfected by modern technology to safely and effectively reverses the signs of hormonal aging and help restore a healthy, youthful and vibrant glow Rich in beautiful history, precious oils, lush rain forest ingredients, LOVINAH has stood the test of time for many generations, from Egypt Blue Lotus, to Nigeria's Black Soap, Moringa, South African's Rooibos and Resurrection tea, Peru’s Dragon’s Blood, India’s Bakuchiol to Uganda Shea Nilotica. LOVINAH’s black soap have taken a step back into history, creatively revamping ancient beauty ritual.  
With ingredients like Dragon’s Blood, Bakuchiol, Blue Lotus, Black Rose, Black Orchid and Resurrection plant to help keep you skin supple and healthy. LOVINAH Skincare is suitable for all skin types and most importantly for both men and women. In addition, we use Probiotics combined with the highest quality medical grade skincare ingredients like oil soluble vitamin C (Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate), Sodium Hyaluronate, AHA/BHA concentrates (Salicylic, Glycolic, Malic, Lactic acids etc), various Peptides to help feed the skin superfood and restore divine glow. Your overall skin health drives our desire to produce the best possible products All our products are created using ethically sourced, fair trade and many certified organic ingredients, cold pressed oils, botanicals, herbs, plant based waxes (non-GMO) and ecofriendly packaging. All our products are also free of Parabens, phtalates, fillers, gluten, mineral oils and petroleum. Also we are completely cruelty free! The underlying theme of our brand is a natural extravagance to celebrate one's sacred beauty.

Behind The Brand

LOVINAH Skincare was founded by Joy Ekhator. Joy is originally from Nigeria but migrated to the United States over 20 years ago. Joy created LOVINAH due to personal skin problems and also out of a need to show a modern representation of how Ancient African Beauty secrets passed down from many generations still work in modern times to heal the skin with potent powers. Joy's background is in computer science, but she grew up in a very traditional African home as her father is a traditional chief and grandmother an herbalist, traditional doctor, bone setter and traditional midwife. Joy developed her love for plants by watching her grandmother administer herbs for different ailments. Her interest in the connection between the mind, body and soul, brings LOVINAH users a well-balanced experience, and an opportunity to experience her personal knowledge of ancient African beauty rituals with western fusion

Meet Joy, Founder and Herbalist

LOVINAH is my passion and I am always amazed by the healing power of plants and gemstones. I started LOVINAH from a need to help my children and I, after going through three back to back pregnancies, working full time as a computer programmer / project manager, my hormones were all over the place for my already acne prone skin. I developed very painful cystic acne and tried everything, but nothing worked. Also my children had very problematic skin. After visiting so many doctors, the turning point was when my youngest son got prescribed steroids . I refused to put him on steriods and decided to visit mother nature for her healing powers. I have no regrets, because mother nature healed my children and I with her supernatural powers.

LOVINAH is a powerful union of ancient African beauty rituals using traditional herbs, exotic oils and extracts, perfected by modern technology to give your skin a supernatural glow, while honoring your divine beauty and reconnecting you to mother earth.

Ancient African Adventure

Joy personally sources the best in luxury botanicals, extracts, clay and oils for LOVINAH Skincare. There's an array of beautiful story and adventurous tradition behind every LOVINAH ingredient and Joy is always fascinated with the origin of her ingredients and works diligently to source them directly from the historical areas in which they grow to enable LOVINAH users to embrace and relate to each product.

Our mission is to continue to create gentle, yet effective luxurious beauty ritual treatments for the modern-day woman. Like the African Black soap, most of the beauty secrets were passed down from generation to generations. Ingredients commonly used in ancient Africa for skin care and beauty incudes; honey, black soap, turmeric, sea salt, rose petal, ginger, milk and coconut.

At Lovinah Supernatural Skincare, we strongly believe in beauty from the inside out. We place very high value on our soothing Sacred Beauty Ritual starting with healthy herbal teas and the overall process of taking good care of your skin.



Ethically sourced, fair trade and many certified organic ingredients, cold-pressed oils, botanicals, herbs, plant based waxes (non GMO) and eco friendly packaging.



Parabens, phtalates, sulfates, fillers, gluten, animal testing, mineral oils, petroleum.