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Glow Around The Clock Duo

Quick Overview:

Morning Glow with Dragon-C Vitamin C & Bio-Retinol Brightening Elixir. sA potent daytime elixir with highly stable, natural forms of Vitamin C and retinol .Two skincare's dermatological staples for daily protection, prejuvenation, and anti-aging, and here they join forces in an age-defying, brightening powerhouse that can be used daily on all skin types.

Overnight Glow with Green Caviar Pro-Aging Retinoid & Ceramide Beauty Elixir. This potent, yet gentle oil contains two vitamin A derivatives, Hydroxypinocolone Retinoate and Retinaldehyde. In fact, these two gentler "cousins" of the industry's go-to retinol, are less irritating to the skin while being more efficient in their delivery. This high performance, yet gentle night oil counteracts signs of premature aging and supports the regenerative skin process with minimum irritation and promotes healthy, youthful glow while you sleep. Designed to be suitable for all seasons and skin types, its versatility stems from its ability to deliver skincare's most efficient pro-aging ingredients along with actives that fortify the integrity of the protective, moisture-retaining skin barrier.