Dry skin on the face can be due to different factors, besides genetics and hormonal imbalances, your lifestyle can significantly contributes to dry skin. Having dry skin can be due to diet, lack of exercise, not drinking enough water, smoking or unhealthy hygiene. Extremely cold and hot weather also cause super dry skin on the face.

There are lots of inexpensive and effective ways of treating super dry skin, but understanding your skin is the first step to finding a solution

Facial Cleansing:

How are you cleaning your skin? Are you using a beauty bars, foaming cleanser or soap? Using beauty bars can be harsh on your skin as it will strip your skin of natural oils leaving the surface feeling tight and dry. Switch to a mild facial cleanser to prevent irritating and drying out your skin. Our Black Tea Cleanser is packed with various acids, antioxidants, detoxifying properties, fiber, and vitamins that combat  free radicals causing premature aging without drying the skin


You need to moisturize your face and keep it moist always. In very cold winters or very hot and dry summers, you can use all natural skin moisturizers. i prefer natural products because there are so man products on the market that can cause many side effects including drying out your skin . Harmful chemicals may result to irritation and severe redness on the skin. If you have overly sensitive skin type, then you really have to buy one which is specially formulated for sensitive skin.



Make water your skin’s bff! You should take a lot of fluid to maintain proper functioning of the various cells and tissues. Water lubricates the skin. Your skin is one of the earliest victims of low water intake.water


I always encourage my clients to exfoliate to help slough off dead skin cells on the skin surface. This will help your moisturizer do it’s job by protecting the surface from the everyday environment and helping to remove superficial dryness. When choosing a scrub make sure it’s a very fine consistency and gently massage the scrub don’t rub hard. Only use a scrub once a week, don’t scrub your skin ever-single day it’ll only make it drier and very red.

Keep it SIMPLE!

Keep it simple – Cleanse, moisturize, exfoliate and drink plenty of water. You will get results if you are consistent on a daily basis. It wont take long before you start to see the benefits of your new healthy skin care routine.