Some of you may have seen negative comments or public posts from Okoko Cosmetiques, Oyeta and Natalia over the years accusing me of copying the Okoko brand.

I would like to state that after my entry into the market in 2012, trademarked in the State of Texas in 2013, Oyeta launched Okoko Cosmetiques in February of 2016. The similarity of her products and her actions with regards to their branding efforts are evidence of her intent to dilute the Lovinah brand and harm my online reputation.
I have documentary evidence of Oyeta and Natalia defaming the  Lovinah brand, myself, and tortuously interfering with my business relationships with third party retail partners, where Oyeta and Natalia sent messages to some of our retail partners alleging I copied the okoko brand. I lost several key accounts due to this lie by Oyeta and Okoko cosmetiques, which resulted in lost of income
Specifically, and as can be shown through documentary evidence, Okoko Cosmetiques, Oyeta Kokoroko and Natalia Lavaggi have engaged in a clumsy campaign in this community to defame my brand Lovinah and I, on social media platforms, convince beauty influencers to shun my brand and upon information and belief, actually paid others working for and with her to leave negative reviews on Lovinah's products found on digital.
Over the years, bloggers in the Green Beauty community refused to work with me and several people came out publicly to say, they heard something about me and one particular influential green beauty blogger actually took my money to create content for my brand and later returned the money back to me,  based on something she heard.
She crucified, judged and persecuted me based on a lie from Oyeta, Natalia and Okoko Cosmetiques.
But this blogger did not stop there, she continued to contact people both online and offline trying to change their minds about lovinah. Several people came forward with screenshots of messages from Oyeta and Natalia claiming l copied Okoko Cosmetiques and they did not feel comfortable supporting my brand.
Okoko came out to publicly say she is a champion of women, I respectfully disagree, because a champion of women would never lie, slander, abuse, harass and disrespect another woman of color on social media and behind the scenes
When people sent me messages they were boycotting Okoko, as shown on my story this week, I publicly decried the act. I would not encourage boycotting another brand, but in the case of Oyeta and Okoko cosmetiques, she claims to be an eagle, but has not shown leadership qualities. She has refused to publicly come out to either say she lied all these years or say yes, Lovinah did copy my brand and l have proof. Instead, she has continued to undercut my brand in private, whereas putting out public statement of positivity.
I would have preferred to resolve this false accusations directly with the Okoko Cosmetiques and not involve our community. 
However, after l was spammed and harassed on social media with false information, I feel it is necessary to respond publicly. Okoko Cosmetiques & Oyeta first issued a public statement in 2017 claiming l copied her brand within a week of her launch and without formal training or education, my product wasn’t stable and inferred this was hurriedly put together and that she spent months creating her skin care range.
First of all, l have over 21+ hands on working experience as a Computer Programmer. I started off as a pre-med student and later made the switch to computer science major and chemistry minor. I have worked with some of the best fortune 500 companies in the world and in an attempt to discredit me and my brand, Oyeta continued to publish false information about my background several times over the years.
The Dragon’s Blood claim as mentioned in so many public announcements by Okoko cosmetiques, Oyeta and Natalia.
As I mentioned above, l started Lovinah in 2012 because of my children, you can read more about this on my website and several online publications. . As a working mother of three young kids under the ages of 5, l didn’t have the luxury of spending every waking hour on social media. I worked in an industry where anything under 50+hrs a week was a great week. Managing three young kids, a full time job, building a stable home for my family took a toil on my health and in May 2015, l left my job to focus on Lovinah and spend more time with my kids
I launched the Lovinah core collection in 2015 and our Dragon’s blood Tonic and Serum in 2016. Flip the pictures to see the reason why this collection was pushed to 2016, a full year before okoko launched a similar product, also called dragaon’s blood in 2017 and decided to start her toxic campaign against my brand.
As l was trying to balance working fulltime at Lovinah with 3 school age kids and a household, l was not active on social media. I never knew this brand had put out statements about Lovinah as l was blocked on her Instagram. I later found out about these accusations from concerned customers who shared screenshots of her public announcements a year later.
At the time, l had my hands full and did not bother to respond to her accusations and this made her bold over the years.
The turning point was when Okoko & Oyeta made vague public announcement in 2019,  that she was being bullied online as a ploy to sabotage my launch of our the new Dragon's Blood collection at the market at Macy. She announced the same week she was also launching her prestige dragon’s blood serum.
On the day she made the cyber bully announcement, I was harassed for bullying Okoko and at that point, l said to myself, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. I was stressed, bullied and got 15  messages on that day. I couldn’t even get out of bed or cook for my kids as l was so stressed out mentally, spiritually and physically that my attorney decided to step in.
My attorneys went after Oyeta and till today, she has refused to respond as she lives in a different country. She deleted some of her public announcements and instead of responding to the allegations she started, she claimed to be an eagle and won’t fly with pigeons or she’s about positivity.
How can you claim to be positive when you lied publicly for years to this community about another WOC and refuse to take responsibility for your actions?
It was never my intention to publicly fight another WOC, but l have decided to go forward with my legal fight against OKOKO Cosmetiques, Oyeta Kokoroko and Natalia Lavaggi.
Thank you for the support and love you have shown me. This brand and her surrogates ganged up on me and tried to bully me on social media, but my community is stronger.
You have seen me work through the years and you stood by my side when everyone else was against me.
I appreciate everything and I love you
With Gratitude,
Joy, founder