Aging Ritual

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    Black Rose Bio-Active Oil

    Black Rose Bio-Active Oil


    As Seen In VOGUE Italia 

    rose oil ritual for dewy skin

    A luxurious oil facial ritual for Rose Lovers. BlackRose is a powerful, antioxidant rich multitasking oil that hydrates, soothe, tone, repair and boost the skin. This potent anti-fatigue revitalizing beauty oil treatment, will deliver beneficial concentrated ingredients to delicate areas of the skin to help guard against environmental stressors. Hand blend with potent oils and extracts to deeply penetrate and absorb into the skin, leaving your skin glowing, nourished and dewy

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    Royal C Bakuchiol Elixir

    Royal C Bakuchiol Elixir


    Royal Elixir fit for a queen.

    natural retinol elixir with Bakuchiol, Cacay Oil and Moth Bean for brighter skin

    Royal-C is a potent and highly concentrated beauty serum with lipid soluble vitamin c, natural retinol alternative, Bakuchiol , Cacay Oil, Moth Bean and Desert Date oil to help stimulate cellular repair overnight. This superpower is infused with clinically proven anti-aging ingredients to help fight free radicals causing premature aging while you sleep. RoyalC is deeply hydrating serum to nourish, boost and tighten skin. It's infused with vitamins to leave your skin looking radiant, soft and healthy. 

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  3. Goddess Glow Brightening Balm


    Give your skin the gift of GLOW with Bakuchiol, Moth Bean, Kahai Cacay and Desert Date Oil

    Intense antioxidant rich and fast acting, multi-purpose antiaging balm with Natural Retinol (Bakuchiol, Moth bean and Kahai Cacay Oil) for glowing skin. The Goddess Glow Brightening Balm will create instant light, anywhere you want to glow. A luxurious bio-retinol brightening balm rich in antioxidants, vitamins and phyto-nutrients, that gives dull, dry skin a luscious, dewy, glowing radiance.


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  4. Blue Lotus Anti-inflammation Oil


    Blue Lotus Ancient Beauty Oil 

    A powerful satiny superb-lightweight high performance soothing luxury face oil, blended with potent unique oils and antioxidants to help deliver intense cellular repair by speeding up the skin's healing process, reduce irritation and inflammation.Blue Lotus is a powerful and highly concentrated bioactive beauty elixir,  infused with gromwell, blue tansy, blue yarrow and blue moroccan chamomile will help to relieve redness, itchiness, and dry patches.

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  5. Third Eye Serum


    Third Eye liquid gold eye serum is a rich, potent, luxurious, high performance and innovative AM/PM liquid gold toning eye serum, made with colloidal gold and copper peptide to counteract visible signs of aging, dark circles and puffiness around the eyes.

    It is super hydrating and will tone your skin instantly without needles!. This eye serum delivers rich, long lasting moisture and help reduce the look of dark circles and puffiness.

    Made without essential oil, fragrance oil, parabens or harmful chemicals. Third eye indigo color is inspired by Amethyst, a high vibration spiritual awakening, calming and peaceful crystal

     Revitalize your eye during the day and Awaken Your Third Eye at night!


    **Please Allow up to 5 Business Days For Processing due to very high demand ** 


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  6. Cacay Miracle Oil


    Feed your skin Superfood Cacay Miracle Face Oil with powerful antioxidants, nutrients and vitamins to help illuminate your glow. Cacay is the Amazon's ancient best kept beauty secret. It is an incredibly potent and highly concentrated nutrient and vitamin rich plant oil that has more vitamin than Argan and Rosehip combined. Improve your complexion with very high concentration of Retinol vitamin A, Linoleic acid and vitamin E

    • 50% more vitamin E than Argan Oil.
    • 2 times the amount of Linoeic Acid than Argan Oil.
    • 3 times more Retinol (Vitamin A) than Rose Hip Oil.
    • 100% Cacay Oil.
    • 100% Natural 100% Vegan 100% Organic.
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  7. Roller with Gua Sha Gift Set


    The Essential Anti-Aging Beauty Tool 

    Black Obsidian Roller with Gua Sha Stone Gift Box Set for a Youthful Glow!  It's a powerful duo to help dcalm, epuff, soothe, and tone the skin through the art of facial massage ritual for a radiant glow. Face rollers helps boost blood circulation and provides a cooling in the eyes, face and neck, leaving the skin naturally glowing. It's a natural tool that can help to calm the skin, smooth fine lines and wrinkles, and help to reduce puffiness and dark circles, reduce inflammation and tighten pores.


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